35 partners from industry and academia to join European research initiative for the prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia

Paris, January 15, 2015 The members of the EPAD initiative today announced the start of a novel collaboration between academic and private sectors to test innovative treatments for the prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Previous attempts to bring new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease to the market have been disappointing despite a high level of investment. However, the realisation that Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder and that early intervention may be more effective has led to research efforts being focused on prevention. The goal of the initiative is the prevention of dementia in people with evidence of the disease (such as biomarker abnormalities as identified by specific tests), who still may have little or no complaints or clinical symptoms.

EPAD AGM and consortium meeting held in Edinburgh

The European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia (EPAD) project held its consortium meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland on 19 to 21 May 2015. The title of the meeting, “Science, Collaboration and Progress” was very appropriate. There were many lively debates between leading researchers, clinicians, ethicists, lawyers and representatives of both pharmaceutical companies and people with dementia (…

EPAD project team holds meeting on dissemination activities

The members of EPAD’s communication team held a two day meeting in Barcelona on 9-10 April 2015. They discussed the ongoing development of the project communication plan and dissemination materials, such as the website, the internal and external newsletters and the project brochure. The partners also established dissemination procedures – including impact measures – for…