Announcing the Enhanced EPND Catalogue

EPND is working to accelerate global progress in neurodegenerative disease diagnostics, treatments, and biomarkers. The EPND Catalogue brings information about data and biosamples from existing research programs together in a scalable and sustainable platform, providing a single point of access for research discovery and collaboration. 

The next iteration of the EPND Catalogue expands upon a first-of-its-kind, open, accessible database. It provides discoverability and access to more than 75 studies from 17 countries covering 12 disease areas with more than 240,000 participants, including the EPAD Longitudinal Cohort Study.

Responding to feedback from researchers, cohorts and data scientists, updates to the EPND Catalogue enhance the visibility and discoverability of studies, offering new pathways for collaborative research and sharing of biosamples and data. The EPND Catalogue now offers:  

  • Improved search and filter functions, with a streamlined interface allowing researchers to easily discover and connect with studies of interest.  
  • Additional categories of information and metadata on study design, participants, datasets and bio sample collections, and their use and access conditions. 

Join the EPND Catalogue community and change the future of neurodegenerative diseases.